Tuition and Fees


St. Ann’s Catholic School will use the services of FACTS Tuition Management Company (“FACTS”) for collection of all tuition payments. All tuition payments will be debited (withdrawn) electronically from either a checking or credit card account. credit cards have a 2.95 % additional processing fee.  All families must complete and sign the Financial Agreement and submit a $350.00 non-refundable registration fee and $10.00 non-refundable re-enrollment fee for returning students to St. Ann’s School to be considered for enrollment.




The Parent/Student contract is a legally binding agreement between you and St. Ann’s School. You will be required to pay the full year of St. Ann’s School tuition regardless of decision to attend another school or any other reason, except for a company transfer. Contractually holding a spot for your child at St. Ann’s without attending causes the school considerable difficulties in budgeting, planning, and forecasting future enrollment.

As witnessed below and in the contract, you acknowledge that you understand that once this contract is fully executed you have 30 days to withdraw your registration if registering prior to July 1 after which there is no grace period. After 30 days, St. Ann’s School will NOT refund tuition money for any reason and you are contractually obligated for the entire amount of the entire school year’s tuition.


Tuition Payment


Tuition payments may be made in either of three ways:

  • Eleven (or less) monthly payments through FACTS, with all payments made before the end in May. FACTS will charge a $55 enrollment fee per family; or,
  • One-Two payments made through FACTS, with all payments made before the end of May.  FACTS will charge a $25 enrollment fee per family
  • One time payment made through FACTS. FACTS will charge a $25 enrollment fee per family. 
FACTS Payment Plans
Once your child has been accepted into St. Ann's Catholic School, you will need to enroll in the FACTS Payment Plan.  To sign up and learn more information about this payment plan, click HERE.