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Preschool Overview

The St. Ann's Catholic School Preschool Program offers half-day sessions, five days a week, for Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 students.  As a Catholic educational community, the Preschool is dedicated to recognizing the unique God-given gifts of each child.  Through a variety of experiences we strive to create an atmosphere which stimulates learning and creates growth. 
The Preschool Program provides a safe, loving, and organized learning environment of play, guided exploration, and hands-on activities appropriate to each child's needs.  We strive to interact with students, parents, and faculty in a manner which demonstrates our love of God and one another.  Our program establishes a preparation for Kindergarten in a manner which demonstrates a respect for the dignity and needs of the whole child:  spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional. 
Research continues to show how important the early years play in children's brain development.  Children's early experiences - the bonds they form with their parents and their first learning experiences - deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.  Optimizing the early years of children's lives is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success.  Our preschool program is one of the most important ministries of St. Ann's!  Our preschool teachers - Mrs. Gravelle and Mrs. Welch - have taught together at St. Ann's Preschool for over 20 years; their expertise in early childhood development is definitely an asset to the overall school program. 
Fun Preschool Traditions:
Firefighter Day
Pajama Day 
Splash Day
Making gingerbread cookies in December
Mother's Day Tea
Donuts with Dad
Field trip to the Museum of the Southwest
Canned food drive for a local food pantry