Sara Welch » Sara Welch - Pre-School Teacher (PK4)

Sara Welch - Pre-School Teacher (PK4)

Sara Welch is one of the school’s most tenured teachers, having taught for 34 years (the past 24 spent teaching at St. Ann’s Catholic School.) She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from University of Texas in Austin. An alumna of St. Ann’s, she still maintains the dear friendships she has with her former classmates during her years here in the 1970’s. Sara’s three children also went to St. Ann’s and are also still very close to their former classmates. There is something to be said about the special environment at this school! When asked what she most enjoys about working in the pre-school program here, she said “I am able to constantly discuss God, His amazing creation, and reasons for loving Him. We are constantly connecting all our own learning back to Him.”