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The St. Ann’s Catholic School Spirit Squad is a school program for students in 2nd through 5th grade with the primary purpose of promoting school spirit. Spirit Squad members are expected to be positive role models at school and in their community. Any student interested in participating in the Spirit Squad must be in good academic standing and exemplify good behavior. The squad will participate in various home athletic events, the annual Pep Rally, Alumni Tailgate, and other school functions.



  • To promote and maintain school spirit, good sportsmanship, and Saints’ pride.
  • To lead and inspire others in supporting St. Ann’s Catholic School’s athletic programs
  • To uphold the high morals, ethical standards, and strong values of St. Ann’s Catholic School
  • To foster positive relationships based on trust, teamwork, dedication, and respect of oneself and others
  • To give younger students at St. Ann’s Catholic School an opportunity to get involved and encourage pride for their school at an early age



Membership is open to all students (male and female) in 2nd through 5th grades  Students will be broken into multiple squads in order to cover all athletic events


Cost Per Member

$100 per member
This includes:  Uniform, briefs, and pom poms