Counselor's Corner

*This is a MUST READ article regarding kids on social media. Please be aware you will encounter R rated language in this article.
"What I Learned After Spending a Week on TikTok"
A Parent's Guide to Protecting Their Kids Online
There's no denying that technology is constantly evolving and that both adults and youth benefit immensely. However, with these perks comes tremendous pressure on parents and educators to help children and teens learn how to use these resources safely and responsibly. Here is a resource guide which covers this in more detail:

Study Tips for Parents
Parents Assuring Student Success by John R. Ban

  • Practice
    It takes practice to learn how to study.  Practice takes time so set aside time to practice study skills.  The more children practice a study skill the better they will become.
  • Routine
    Good students make it a habit to study.  It is something they build into their daily lives.  Studying is easier when it becomes a part of a child’s routine.
  • Environment
    Studying is more effective when the physical environment supports mental work.  A productive site requires proper lighting, ventilation, temperature, furniture, solitude, and supplies.  These conditions heighten the mood for learning.
  • Attitude
    Children will not apply themselves to schoolwork unless they believe it is important.  Their attitude toward learning determines what kind of student they will be.  The home attitude is critical to a child’s school attitude.  Once children believe they can become successful students and receive this message from those around them, they will be more eager to practice those study skills that enable them to learn.
  • Encouragement and Support
    A pat on the back, either for effort or performance does wonders for children.  It is a powerful motivator.  Kids learn more when they receive encouragement from their parents.  Children will perform better in school when parents support them in their studies.
  • Additional Resources