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Students in Kindergarten through 8th have the option of purchasing a "Hot Lunch" or they can bring a lunch from home.  The St. Ann's Catholic School Lunch Program is managed by Silver Platter Catering (Mike and Vicky Sanchez).
  • A copy of the weekly menu is sent home in the Tuesday Folder for preordering lunches for the next week. If you have misplaced the menu, you can contact the school office at 684-4563.
  • All lunch orders and monies will be handled by the Sanchez family. All checks should be made payable to:  Sanchez Family. 
  • All students must eat lunch. (If a student cannot eat lunch for whatever reason, a parent must send a dated, signed note to the office.)
  • Should a student forget to bring a lunch, one can be charged. Or, if you would like to bring your child lunch, there is a designated table in the entry of the school for lunches. Please make sure your child's name is written on the lunch box/sack.